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This Is Revival - Song Story

"This Is Revival" is the song that started it all. The lyrics for the chorus had sat at the top of a note in my Notes app for years, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be used in a song, but no song seemed to fit quite right. One afternoon during a writing session, it was almost as if the lyrics just poured out–it all made sense.

Revival is the reality that we're living in today. God is reviving His Church once again, and we have the opportunity to be a part of it. It's not just something we get to remember or look back on or talk about; it's something we get to experience right now–today. You can feel the electricity in the air, tasting the goodness of God as you triumph in the victory You've been given. His Spirit is all around. There is freedom to be had, and it's time the Church steps into the light that we've been called to. This song is an invitation to do just that.

"This Is Revival" captures the new life that all believers have in Christ alone, and it puts to words the phenomenon that is taking place all around us. It's not just a song or a music project–it's a movement. Join the team. #thisisrevival


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